Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skeleton Creek

Carman, Patrick. Skeleton Creek. Scholastic. ARC ISBN: 978-0-545-07566-4
Sarah and Ryan are best friends who are on an adventure—the thriller, scary kind. Ryan is a writer; Sarah likes to shoot video. They have questions after exploring the town’s sledge which has long been closed. Why is their small town called Skeleton Creek now? Does the tattoo on Ryan’s dad provide a clue to the phantom, ghost, person at the sledge? Does everyone know the truth except Ryan and Sarah? The reader of Skeleton Creek will want a computer close by! Turning a page in the book will lead one to grab the computer from whoever may be using it at the time because the reader will have to see Sarah’s video—right then! A password is given for each video on Sarah’s website so you can witness the same eeriness, anxiousness and hair-raising twist. Reader, beware—the end is another mystery!

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